Please note: While we do include custom products on our site-wide policies, this site was not specifically designed for custom orders. We are making the assumption that what you put up for sale on this site is already created and can be shipped out within a reasonable time-frame. 

Conditions of a Refund, Return, Exchange or Cancellation (RREC)

All customers may request a refund, exchange or cancellation if their item arrives damaged or was damaged in the shipping process. Customers will be required to provide photographic proof of the damage. We strongly encourage you to purchase shipping insurance and tracking in the event that an item is damaged during the shipping process.

If a condition of the refund is to ship the item back, we do ask the customer to please use the same or similar packing supplies.

Each artist will be responsible for clearly stating the terms under which they will accept a refund, exchange or cancellation. Exceptions to your standard conditions may be made on individual product pages. This includes whether or not you will refund the cost of shipping, and/or if you will pay the cost of shipping to return the product.

Custom orders and personalized items are not returnable unless the item is defective.

Customers must work directly with the artist for all refunds, returns, exchanges and cancellations. The HGC will not be responsible for acting as intermediary between the customer and the artist.


At a minimum, the customer has 10 days of the date that they receive the shipment to contact the artist to request a refund, return, exchange or cancellation. You may extend that time frame, however, you may not shorten it.

The Online HGC Store pays artists on a daily basis. The Haverford Guild of Craftsmen (“HGC”) will also report and pay sales tax on the items sold from the storefront (note: Artists will not report or pay sales tax on the items purchased off of Because of this, any refund, return, exchange or cancellation must be handled by the individual artists. The current site-wide policy is that customers will have 10 days from the day of receiving the product to request a refund, return, exchange or cancellation.

Website Fees and Taxes: If a refund or cancellation takes place before 30 days from the date of the initial sale, the HGC will refund the artist the Website fee and the sales tax from the sale. For transactions that are older than 30 days from the date of the sale, the HGC will refund the cost of the sales tax to the artist, but not the Website fee for selling that item on the Website.


  1. Product arrives – Customer is unhappy
  2. Customer notifies artist
    1. Customer must notify artist within 10 days of receiving the art and/or within the artist’s stated refund/return/exchange time period
    2. Customer must provide proof of shipping damage and/or
    3. Customer must have reasons that agree with the artist’s individual refund/return/exchange policy. Conditions in which a refund/return/exchange is allowable must be clearly stated in the artist’s shop policies; and for exceptions, on the individual product’s page.
  3. Customer returns artwork to the Artist
    1. Artist must include the conditions under which they will refund shipping costs and/or will pay for return shipping in their shop policies or on the individual product page.
  4. Artist refunds the customer directly
    1. Refund should include, at a minimum, the full sale price and the sales tax
    2. Artist should also notify the customer that the refund is being processed through the Orders panel on the dashboard
  5. Artist notifies Shop Manager of the refund
    1. The artist will notify the shop manager via email at with the order number and the amount
  6. Shop Manager refunds the artist the sales tax amount for that transaction. If the transaction is less than 30 days old, then the HGC will also refund the Website fee for that transaction.