Every artist is responsible for shipping out the products that they sell directly to the customer. The HGC will not take responsibility for, or complete, any shipping and handling on behalf of any artist. Any funds collected from the customer for the cost of shipping and handling will be sent to you in full and will not be included in the calculation for fees and commissions.

We strongly recommend purchasing shipping insurance for all of the art that you ship out.

The following shipping options are automatically added to every product:

  • USPS Retail Parcel S&H ($6 minimum,$1 per additional .5 – Max 1lb)
  • USPS Retail Ground S&H ($9 minimum, $1.50 per additional 1 pound – Max 35lbs)
  • Contact the Artist to Make Shipping Arrangements (The customer will be billed for shipping costs separately by the Artist)

Optionally, you may also set up on your own storefront (these options would be available for every product you post):

  • Local Pickup You will need to contact the customer to set up the time and location.
  • Store-wide Flat Fee
  • Free Shipping (with and without a price threshold)
    • To trigger the “Free Shipping” option, a minimum dollar amount needs to be entered. If you wish to keep free shipping as an option for every product, choose a number smaller than your least expensive item. See the user guide for screenshots and more specific guidance.

Weight is measured in pounds on the shipping tab of the product set up. Numbers must be in decimals. For example, an item weighing 3lbs, 8ozs must be entered as 3.5 lbs. (You can find a weight conversion calculator here: https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/weight/index.html.)

To trigger ONLY your specific shipping options (with the exception of “Contact the Artist”, do not put a weight in the shipping for a product. Otherwise, the customer will get the weight-based USPS options. Be aware that you must have at least one shipping option available for all products.

If you need to make special arrangements to ship an individual product, or if the available shipping options are not suitable for your needs you may:

  • Put the shipping information in the description,  “Additional Information” section for the product
  • List shipping methods in the “Attributes” field of your product details and direct the buyer to use a “Contact the Artist” option when checking out.